Audio and Video not synced

  • 23 October 2023
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HELP: Audio and Video not synced

Video here:

For Reference: 
TV is a Philips 65PUS6704
Connected is an Apple TV 4k (new model)
and a Sonos Beam 2 via Arc
2x Sonos One SL as surrounds

As you can see in the Video i have a significant audio delay (around 400ms), my TV is set to multichannel bypass (some weird philips setting, you can only choose from that, multichannel or stereo)

When i switch to stereo, the delay gets less but its still at 250ms which is way too much imo and i want to use Atmos (or atleast 5.1)

What did i do wrong? Or is my TV just not good enough?

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hello @spfz69,


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Greetings Sven