music keeps interrupting

  • 25 January 2024
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Hi, my players is connected via cable. When I pick a radio station from Sonos or iTunes the sounds keeps cutting off. It’s also connect to the tv. Sound from tv is perfect no interruptions. Support told me when listening radio to pull the sound cable from the Sony tv, which doesn’t make a difference and the it’s a joke to suggest that. Anyone else have those issues and was able to resolve it

2 Antworten

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Hello @Tgrau …

You’re welcome to the DE community, but you can also visit EN to probably get more responses in English.

Regarding your problem this might be a network issue. I suggest to set a fixed 2,4 GHz channel (1,6 or 11) for your routers wifi and to choose another channel for the SonosNet (that you will use if at least one Sonos device is cabled via lan) within Sonos app settings. 
I also recommend sending a diagnosis and contacting Sonos support to take a look at it. 

Hi thank you for your support. When I read it I got actually excited that this might actually be working. I had the router already on 2.4 ghz already for my printer. I than changed to another WiFi but unfortunately that didn’t work either, a real bummer. I will call support again. This has been going on for some time and I called in a couple of times. Last time they said to pull the sound cable from tv which improves slight but it’s not fix. Apparently it’s a problem on Sonos side and they would try to fix it at „one“ point. It used to work for a long time but suddenly it keeps interrupting so annoying. Maybe I have to end buying something else.