Sonos surround system 5.1 from PC

  • 5 January 2021
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i am using at the moment Sonos system from my normal TV as surround 5.1 watching films from Netflix .How can I use Sonos surround system (Playbar with sonos ones ) system from PC windows 10  ? because i want to buy a projector and watch through a PC as a main source. 

could you help me


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1 Antwort

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Hey welcome to the german community,

as long as we get a proper digital signal on Playbar this can work. But it’s a not supported setup so we cannot help you with this when you encounter problems. (We only support connection to TV).


This costumer could have a solution for you: (He’s using optical connection and a projector too. I think you should check his solution and you could ask there for questions. Hope this helps.) (another thread you could check)


Kind regards