New Sonos Arc turn of the microphone by themself randomly

  • 26 November 2023
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Need help, i bought new Sonos ARC (white) to move my Beam(Gen1) to a second room.
Two Play1 and Sub (Gen2) are used with ARC.
The setup was easy, but with the ARC i have the issue, that the microphone (used for Alexa) deactivates by themself after a while watching TV or listen music (webradio/tunin).

The Arc is connected by LAN and optical/HDMI adapter to my Panasonic TV.  The complete surround set runs on WM0. (I know, no Dolby Atoms with the optical adapter, but still waiting for new TV with eARC)

Disable the touch control (with app) OR remove the sub from the surround-set/room, both “fix” the issue.
As soon as i add the sub to the surround set, the microphone is disabled again. After enable again it will be disabled randomly by self.

Never had this issue in the past with Beam Gen 1.

Diagnose ID   1850850345



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In the two posts you sent everything is said:

- Error is known for months,

- Sonos continue to work on a solution;

- Interim solution is to disable the touch-control in the settings

This is unsatisfactory, but apparently you can nothing do anymore at this point.
Unless you send the ARC back.