DTS Support in new LG OLED TVs

  • 27 December 2021
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Hello everybody 

I was so happy with the latest upgrade in Sonos which added compatibility to DTS. Now I am able to reproduce not only my Atmos 4k blurays, but also those with DTS-HD or DTS-X ( even though they are converted to DTS Surround ), still very good news for us funs of Home Cinema. I’ve just seen Gladiator in my Panasonic 4k player UB9004EG1 and it sounds amazing (certainly much better than the shitty Disney Dolby Atmos ) 

The problem I have right now is that I want to upgrade my TV. I have an LG OLED from 2017 which still works fine, but I want something with 120HZ. The new LG OLED77C17LB has a really nice price, but I heard it does not support DTS. My question is very simple: Will my current setup keep working with this new TV ? 

4k Bluray Player to LG TV by HDMI 

Sonos ARC by EARC to my LG TV 

I’ve tried to google it, but I’ve got different answers, some saying it will work, some it won’t. If it does not work, what other components should I buy ? Or perhaps a similar OLED TV but with DTS compatibility ?

Thank you all for your answers and happy holidays


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Hello @Rhz1971

welcome in the German speaking Community.

If you want to continue using DTS, the TV should also support this format.

The manufacturer can tell you if the LG model can handle this differently or if it might be "passed through".

Here you can find the requirements for TV devices for Sonos.


If you prefer to communicate in English, I advise you to contact the English Community, so that other users can give you an answer without any misunderstandings. Just click here: Sonos Community.



Claudia S.