Sonos Port drops PCM transmit via digital output to Marantz AVR after upgrade from Sonos S1 to Sonos Control Softwaree

  • 7 April 2022
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Hi Sonos Community,


I am using various Sonos devices for nearly 10 years and have been quite happy with it, however niw I have been running into an issue.


Around Christmas I got a new Marantz SR8015 Receiver. My Sonos Port is Connecticut via the digital Output. Worked without any issues. A few days ago I added some IKEA symfonisk speakers in another room which forced me to upgrade from the old S1 software to the S2 Version.


Now I can Start a Spotify stream for example which plays fine on a few speakers in the house as well as the Port connected to the Marantz. However after some time I do not hear anything from the AVR and the software of the Marantz days the signal is PCM ZERO instead PCM.


Is this a software glitch and is there something I can do ?





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Hello @Brombaer,


welcome to the German Community.

When you want to communicate in English, we have an English Community as well.