Limited "Start Radio" function through the new sonos app

Hi All,

so the start radio function, why cannot we go back to the previous track or seek through the current song??


Also, is there a way to have a “sender starten” based on one artist and have their entire discography played, instead of jumping to other artists and facing the problem above?

Thanks and please excuse my syntax :)

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Hey welcome to the community,

what service do you mean when you use the “start radio function”?


Usually radios (Sonos Radio/TuneIn) do not offer skipping tracks. 


Sonos Radio HD, Spotify, Apple Music or many other subscription based services do offer that. You can initiate streaming with your Sonos App, Spotify App or Airplay. Do you need help with that?

Spotify has artist based playlists and radios for example.


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Hi Nils,

I was more or less looking for a function like the play/shuffle buttons that Apple and Spotify offer, where we actually have a playlist of all the songs from the artist, shuffled or by album…In those playlists it is possible to seek, go back etc...
This is the function that I sorely miss from the S2 app

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hey Pan,

you can control Sonos directly from the Spotify app by tapping on Devices Available devicesavailable.png on the Now Playing screen in the Spotify app.

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  2. Go to the Now Playing screen.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap Devices Available devicesavailable.png and select your Sonos speaker or group.

This way you could use the wanted features from Spotify. 


If you start playback within our Sonos App we have a queue feature aswell: Using the queue in the Sonos app

For in-queue-seeking I am happy to share your feedback with our team.


Best regards