HTC M8 Connection Problem

  • 24 April 2015
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Hey, I set up my system today, and so far, everything seems to work, with exception of the Android App for my HTC M8. Everything works fine, a Samsung S5 mini connects, 2 desktop pcs connect - but when I try to connect my HTC M8 to the system, it asks me to push those two buttons on a player, then the HTC tells me that the connection has been established, switches to the main screen only to tell me that no system has been found. HTC M8 Lollipop. Any ideas? App has been fully stopped and restarted, no fix so far. Thx for any help!

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1 Antwort

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Hi User983747, 
are you running any sort of firewall software on your M8? 

Also, does removing the app, clearing all app data and re-installing help?