Connection Issues

  • 2 September 2020
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I am having an issue connecting my Sonos One to my work network. We have used our Sonos One without issues for a number of years. Over the summer the password of the Wifi Network changed and I understand that this means that I have to change it on the Sonos device but the issue I am facing is that it tells me to connect other router and then try to connect again but this route is on a different SSID (basically the Sonos is connect to an SSID for mobile devices and the like, while the routers are on an SSID for laptops and computers). So when I connect the Sonos One to the router I am unable to find it from the app on my phone (routers is on a different SSID from the phone and this can’t be changed).


I am not sure how to get around this. I have tried to install the Sonos Controller on my laptop (which is on the same SSID as the router) but I still can’t find the device.


Any suggestions?

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