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  • 30 September 2018
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I would really like a "PRO-App" to configure the devices. I would like to use Sonos WITHOUT Wifi and simply plug it into a CAT5/6 cable. In my area there are so many WiFis around that it is impossible to predict if there is enough air-time to stream content properly. Deactivating WiFi does not seam to be an option after first initial setup. I would like to use Sonos in a commercial environment, which requires this also.

Features for this app should be.

- network configuration (Static IP, DHCP IP, Networkmask, Router)
- password, code to restrict connection of controllers
- network configuration: Wifi, Cable, Both, fallback, etc..
- save system configuration.
- multiuser: allow only certain controllers on certain rooms.
- connect the same system to different Wifi APs /SSIDs.

Thank you.

I would appreciate some feedback.

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great idea.
Sonos will put it on the idea list.