Interaction with digital assistants - music selection by voice assistants

  • 21 Oktober 2019
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As part of our music psychology seminar, we are researching people’s verbal communication with digital voice assistants for music selection at the Technical University of Berlin. For this it is not important that you actually own a device or use a voice assistant on a regluar basis. Even answers given hypothetically will help us, to get an idea of how people do or want to interact with voice assistants when selecting music. Therefore you will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself and about three different daily situations, in which you usually (would) use a digital voice assisant.In any case, your information will be treated confidentially and completely anonymously. I hope you will participate. 
Thank you.

Hier der Link zur Umfrage auf Deutsch:

Interaktion mit digitalen Assistenten - Musikauswahl durch Sprachassistenten

2 Antworten


Music, Search, and IoT: How People (Really) Use Voice Assistants by Tawfiq Ammari, Frank Bentley and Jofish Kaye


Hello, I study ICT at the University of Kentucky in Lexington (I’m an international student). It’s an online master’s program, so I can use materials from other universities too and other resources (German and French forums).